Students typically complete the required 36 semester hours over 24 months, taking two classes back-to-back per semester. Semesters are split into intensive eight-week sessions, with students taking one class at a time. This format allows busy professionals to earn their degree while working full-time. All students begin with Mediation Skills Training (MCR 601), an intensive five-day course on campus. There is an additional five-day in-person course in the second year. The rest of the curriculum is entirely online.

Required Courses

(27 semester hours) All courses are three-credit hours
MCR 601 Mediation Skills Training (campus-based, five-day intensive course)
MCR 603 Traditional and Alternative Dispute Method
MCR 605 Ethics of Conflict Resolution
MCR 607 Negotiation (campus-based, five-day intensive course)
MCR 609 Psychology of Conflict
MCR 611 Interpersonal Communication
MCR 613 Intercultural Conflict Resolution
MCR 615 Religion and Conflict Resolution
MCR 623 Conflict Resolution in the Workplace


(9 semester hours)
MCR 619 Online Dispute Resolution
MCR 621 Family Conflict Resolution
MCR 625 International Conflict Resolution
MCR 627 Conflict Resolution in the Community
MCR 629 Commercial Conflict Resolution
MCR 631 Collective Bargaining
MCR 635 Circle Practice: Foundations of Restorative Justice
MCR 641 Leading Change
MCR 645 Conflict Management
MCR 647 Divorce and Family Mediation
MCR 690 Conflict Resolution Practicum*
*Can be repeated, with a maximum of 9 hours of internship credit allowed

Up to three graduate courses offered by other Dominican University academic units may be applied with approval of the dean of the College of Applied Social Sciences and a maximum of nine (9) hours in transfer credit.