Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between Lewis University (LU) and Dominican University (DU) for the AND Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Nutrition and Dietetics


This MOU is simultaneously entered into by LU and DU in order to create a smooth and seamless process by which eligible LU students will ultimately be able to complete the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Certification in Nutrition and Dietetics at DU. This agreement requires the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Biology at LU,

This aforementioned Agreement is intended to foster and promote continued communication between LU and DU in order to develop and perfect additional opportunities for the following: summer course offerings/internships/workshops in DU's Food Science labs, and access to DU Nutrition Science faculty for career advising and mentoring.

As part of this Agreement, DU will automatically accept, in its entirety, a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology earned at LU. Completing the aforementioned Bachelor of Science degree at LU is required for students to enter DU under the terms of this agreement. Participating LU students may contact the Adult Recruitment Coordinator for more specific information concerning these requirements. All policies and procedures of this Agreement will be governed by the duly appointed representatives from the aforementioned parties.

Students interested in becoming a nutritionist or dietitian must complete a bachelor's degree or certificate in nutrition or dietetics from an Accreditation Council on Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND)-accredited program of the AND, and must successfully pass the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) examination ( DU has a seamless coordinated program which includes approximately forty-eight (48) hours of coursework and a 1200-hour supervised practice program. This supervised practice program may also be completed as part of a master's degree in Nutrition offered at DU; a master's degree will be required of all RDs by 2024.

Student Eligibility

Students may apply to DU at any time after their junior year at LU; it is recommended that students apply for admission to DU at least one semester prior to completing the degree at LU. Students must meet all applicable admission requirements at DU. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75/4.0 is required for admission to DU. A student whose GPA is below 2.75 is required to have the admission file officially reviewed for a decision. Students' eligibility for continued study at either LU or DU will be governed by each institution's policies on enrollment of probationary, dismissed and re-entering students.

Student Enrollment

Under this agreement, a student is exclusively enrolled at DU once the student has completed the aforementioned Bachelor of Science degree at LU and has been accepted to DU via the admission criteria above. After matriculation at DU, the student's subsequent progress toward the post-baccalaureate certificate is governed solely by DU's academic standards. LU students must request a final, official transcript to be sent to DU after completing the aforementioned Bachelor of Science degree at LU for final verification.

Tuition Discount

Eligible LU students who participate in this program will receive a 20% discount off the regular DU post baccalaureate per credit hour tuition for the duration of their time in DU's Post­ Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Nutrition and Dietetics. This tuition discount shall not be extended towards the 1200-hour dietetic internship or subsequent graduate study.

Correspondence and Advising

The Adult Recruitrnent Coordinator at DU will provide participating students with the advising materials, including model plans of recommended study and coursework specific to their intended academic program at DU. Students will notify LU and DU of major/minor changes for advising purposes. Students who have expressed their desire to cancel their participation in this Agreement will notify LU and DU of their decision. In order to develop subsequent program guides for LU students, the Director of Transfer Admission and Adult Recruitment Coordinator at DU will inform LU of any changes to the core or major curricula that may affect the integrity of this Agreement.

Program Requirements

The details of this Agreement between the Bachelor of Science in Biology at LU and the Post­ Baccalaureate AND Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics at DU are as follows:

AND Certificate in Nutrition/Dietetics: Upon completion of the aforementioned bachelor degree program at LU, DU will accept the degree in its entirety towards the certificate. Applicable certificate requirements taken at LU as part of the Bachelor in Science in Biology would be applied towards the Nutrition and Dietetics certificate at DU, per the suggested courses below. Thus, students would need to complete forty-five to forty-eight (45-48) additional hours of coursework specifically for the Nutrition and Dietetics Certificate.

Suggested curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Biology at in conjunction with the Post-Baccalaureate AND Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics at DU.

Courses marked with an asterisk(*) are specific requirements for the AND, and are strongly recommended to be taken at for smoother program completion:

Freshman Year: Fall
ENGL 11200 College Writing 2
PSYC 10000 General Psychology*
BIOL 11000 General Biology I/Lab
CHEM 11000 General Chemistry I/Lab
MATH 11900 College Algebra* (Prerequisite for MATH 21100)
Semester Two: Spring
Core Class  
MATH 21100 Calculus I
BIOL 11500 General Biology II/Lab
CHEM 11500 General Chemistry II/Lab
Sophomore Year: Fall
Core Classes  
BIOL 22000 Genetics/Lab
CHEM 22000 Organic Chemistry I/Lab
Semester Two: Spring
Core Classes  
BIOL 22400 General Microbiology/Lab
CHEM 22500 Organic Chemistry II/Lab
Junior Year: Fall
Core Classes  
BIOL 42200 Human Anatomy/Functional Human Anatomy Lab*
PHYS 20000 Physics I/Lab
Second Semester: Spring
Core Class  
BIOL 33500 Advanced Clinical Physiology/Case Studies in HP*
PHYS 20500 Physics II/Lab
BIOL 38500 Biology Journal Club
Senior Year: Fall
Core Class(es)  
BIOL 32000 Biostatistics
BIOL 49600 Senior Thesis
Semester Two: Spring
Core Class(es)  
BIOL 35500 Molecular Biochemistry
BIOL 35600 Molecular Biochemistry/Lab
BIOL 40600 Molecular Cell Biology

Program Elective (strongly recommended for transfer if Core Classes are completed by Senior Year):

BIOL 35700  Nutritional Biochemistry/Clinical Correlates/Lab*

The following courses are required at DU in order to complete the Post Baccalaureate AND Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics:
DU Requirements in Nutrition and Dietetics

LIB 001 Information Literacy Workshop (n/c)
CIS l20  Introduction to Computer Applications
NUTR 101 Introduction to Dietetics (I)
NUTR 141 Food Service Sanitation (1)
NUTR 200  Fundamentals of Foods
NUTR 250  Nutrition
NUTR 290 Nutritional Biochemistry**
NUTR 345 Nutritional Communication Skills
NUTR 346 Food and Nutrition Services
NUTR 375 Principles of Food Service Purchasing
NUTR 390 Experimental Foods (4)
NUTR 404 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
NUTR 407 Quantity Food Production
NUTR 408 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
NUTR 409 Community Nutrition
NUTR 420 Intro to Writing about Nutrition
NUTR 425 Nutrition in Human Development
NUTR 430 Sem. Med. Nutrition Therapy

**Waived if LU students take BIOL 35700

Total for certificate completion at DU: 45–48