Basic services, including sick visits and counseling, are covered by your student fees.

Minimal charges for tests, labs and procedures beyond the basic services will be applied to your student account. See below for a schedule of charges.

Counseling services (counseling, psychotherapy, assessment, referral) No charge
Sick visit No charge
School/sports physical/exam $25
Comprehensive travel health exam $25
General health exam $65 + depending on lab tests
Gynecological exam $65-120 depending on lab tests (lab tests are kept at a minimal fee)
STD screening $55 +
Immunizations Contact the Wellness Center for current pricing information.
Tests for mono, flu, strep and pregnancy Prices for tests range from $5 to $30
Over-the-counter medicine, ice packs $5

All prices are subject to change.

Detailed reports of charges from the Wellness Center can be obtained by contacting the center at (708) 524-6229. You may request a receipt suitable for submitting to your health insurance for reimbursement.

Visit the Wellness Center Online