This program will prepare you to promote the growth—intellectual, social and emotional—of children at a pivotal point in their development. You may even become the incredible teacher that students remember for the rest of their lives.

Prepare to teach grades 1 through 6

In small classes and amazing field experiences, you’ll work closely with the outstanding faculty of our School of Education, which includes nationally recognized experts in elementary education. You’ll learn to support and challenge children in all their glorious variety, study the most advanced teaching techniques and technologies, and examine the subtleties of child development. You’ll explore the roles of class, race, gender, ethnicity and culture in shaping the everyday realities of elementary school classrooms. You’ll begin your teaching career with a profound appreciation of the profession’s key values of scholarship, leadership and service.

More ways to learn—on campus and beyond

Practical, hands-on experience is built into our curriculum. You’ll get into the field early and often, engaging students and teachers and gaining exposure to a wide range of educational approaches and philosophies. As a senior, you’ll spend a semester teaching in one of our partner elementary schools, with the guidance and support of your professors. In combination with your classroom learning, these powerful experiences will provide you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to create a caring and stimulating classroom environment for children.

Get ready for success

This program fully meets the licensure requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education. It will prepare you to launch a successful teaching career in any public or private elementary school in Illinois. You’ll have the option of completing a minor or endorsement in one of three high-need areas: special education, English language learners, or mathematics education. You can combine academic study with compassionate service to people in need through the university’s community-based learning program. You also can immerse yourself in a different society and culture through our study-abroad program. You’ll have your choice of programs on four continents.

Dominican University teacher candidates who major in elementary education experience a comprehensive, clinically based program that includes:

  • The liberal arts and sciences core curriculum,
  • Foundational courses within the School of Education and
  • Extensive supervised, clinically based courses that focus on the development of practices essential to beginning teachers.

The major requirements for the elementary program include both foundational and professional courses.

  • Foundational courses focus on building understanding in areas such as child growth and development, learning theory, diversity from multiple lenses, and educational philosophy.
  • Professional courses are designed to integrate the subject matter of the elementary classroom, including reading and writing, language arts and literature, mathematics, science, social studies, health, physical education and the fine arts. Professional courses provide a solid foundation in learning specific methods of teaching unique to each subject matter and the development of materials and resources needed to implement lessons and units of study.

After completing the first year of coursework, students in good standing who meet requirements for acceptance into the Teacher Education Program can matriculate into the elementary education program with candidacy and begin intensive licensure program coursework and fieldwork.

Anna DiFronzo

Elementary Education Graduate

“I really thrived in Dominican’s supportive environment. The faculty and the field experiences gave me everything I needed to lead my first classroom of students. I also feel prepared to succeed in graduate school.”

Prepare for meaningful work in a vital profession

Over the next five years, the U.S. Department of Education projects that school enrollment will grow by 5.2%. This trend with increase the demand for elementary school teachers. As a Dominican graduate, you’ll be prepared not only for your first teaching job but also for a lifetime of intellectual and professional competence. Our alumni work across the United States in a remarkable range of educational settings. They connect with children from many different backgrounds in transforming and lasting ways.

Adam Janusz

Elementary Education Graduate

“Dominican has built a culture of support and success for students in the classroom and beyond. The professors are amazing people—and they inspired me to rewrite my life story. They are the reason I became a teacher.”

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