Finish your bachelor’s and expand your opportunities in a degree completion program designed for working adults—accelerated online and in-person options.
Prepare for meaningful work in an exciting field

In this major, you’ll closely examine the social, historical and legal framework for collective bargaining in the United States. You’ll also develop your skills in advocacy and conflict resolution to become a labor relations leader. In less than two years, you’ll be prepared to work in labor organizations, human resources, mediation or employment law. Want to go even further? Our adult and continuing studies programs are a natural bridge to some of our most high-impact master’s degrees, including our Master of Arts in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

A program designed with you in mind

Dominican is the right place to relaunch your academic journey. We understand the unique needs of today’s busy adult learners and value the experience you bring. We’re prepared to help you clear obstacles and balance academic demands, full-time work and family responsibilities. You can transfer prior credit. And you can study remotely from anywhere by taking your classes fully online. The university offers courses year-round in an accelerated eight-week format that allows you to finish in as little as 20 months. You can also choose our in-person evening classes, offered at Triton College.

You can:

  • Start the BPS program whenever it’s convenient for you
  • Take courses throughout the year— online or in person
  • Tailor your degree to your career goals by choosing 21 hours of Social Science courses
  • Complete the program in about 20 months
  • Learn efficiently in accelerated eight-week sessions
  • Transfer prior college credits toward your Dominican degree
  • Earn college credit for learning experiences beyond the classroom

Never taken an online course before? Don’t worry. Our Adult Learning Seminar will enable you to navigate and enjoy the online learning experience. You’ll receive all the tools and skills you need to succeed in your studies and complete your degree.

Lisa Badger

Dominican Graduate
Business Agent, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

“Having professors with experience as lawyers, mediators—they do what they teach—was so valuable. As I was finishing my bachelor’s, they let me concurrently start my master’s program. Dominican prepared me for exactly what I’m doing now.”

Let’s finish what you started—together

Finishing your degree is a transformative achievement. At Dominican, we take pride in that partnership with you and we are fully invested in your success. You will be assigned a dedicated advisor who will check in with you regularly to ensure nothing stands in the way of achieving your goals. You’ll have access to tutoring, research and writing assistance, and more. Our Office of Career Development can connect you with job opportunities. And whether you study in person or online, you will feel connected and welcomed. Our curriculum—which includes an emphasis on ethics, global citizenship, and communication—will ensure you’re ready for anything.

Prepare for a career—and a lifetime of impact

At Dominican, you’ll find multiple pathways to your goals. You’ll be ready for a wide range of jobs in labor relations, as well as further study in graduate or professional school. If you want to enhance your leadership credentials even more, you can earn a master’s degree right here. High-achieving undergraduates can apply for the Bachelor of Professional Studies/Master of Arts in Mediation and Conflict Resolution accelerated degree option. This allows you to take graduate courses even before finishing your baccalaureate degree—so you can complete your master’s faster and save on tuition.

Monica Halloran

Coordinator, Continuing Studies
Assistant Dean, College of Applied Social Sciences

“We’re honored to become partners in achieving your dreams. We’re here for you every step of the way, whether you are completing your degree as a stepping stone to a new career or to further study in graduate or professional school.”

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